When you're 72 feet up in the air and your hands are sweating like there's no tomorrow—tell me, who do you want making your handholds? Kick back, relax, and take a moment to say "F-Yeah!"

What makes a great climbing hold?

Well, the shape to start. We have over 1,000 fantastic shapes in production currently, with new, tasty shapes being added to the line up all the time. Beyond shape, the handhold must be friendly on the skin, aesthetic, and most importantly – strong. Continue reading

Franklin Supports The Recreation Project

Franklin Handholds recently donated our climbing holds to The Recreation Project, a non-profit whose mission is to inspire Ugandan youth to overcome fear and patterns of war. The experiential learning model of The Recreation Project is one the most powerful … Continue reading

tips and tricks

Try and keep your center of gravity close to the rock, and use both left and right limbs.  Keeping symmetry is very important. Tip from Pankaj Yadav, University at Buffalo Share your climbing or routesetting tip

Buy our holds!

Franklin now sells climbing holds and other gear online.