Vary your starting points

Routesetting can be a very fun way to be creative with different problems for your rock wall. I find the best way to keep consistently challenging routes is to ensure you vary each of your starting points, including the intital hand and foot positioning.

The difference between beginning with pockets, crimps, and other offsetting starts really helps in training your strength in each of your holds. Make sure the variation of difficulty is prominent, as easy holds are needed moreso than difficultly rated routes. Starting with routes placing your hands in different holds and good positioning from first footies to the next is also very important.

Remember, feet placement and control is one of the most important aspects of a good and effective climber. Also, remember to focus on the open-hand grip moreso than the crimp grip during training. Don’t be afraid to mix up your route problems often and really challenge yourself as you improve. Most im portantly, let your body rest in between and have fun!

Tip from Josh Stephens

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