Two Tips for Setting on Shorter Walls

When setting on shorter walls, there are two things that make all the difference: sit-starts and route movement. For walls that are around 25 feet, the total number of possible moves goes down by a lot, making good endurance routes hard to set. Sit-starts are an excellent way to add an extra move. On easy routes, the sit start lets you force a strong, move to easier holds. On hard routes, the catch can be really difficult to hold on to from a sit-start position. Route movement is where you make climbers either change direction or traverse. Changing direction from left to right makes climbers think about the moves well in advance because body positioning plays a major factor. You don’t want to end up looking like a fool with your arms and legs all tangled. Traversing adds multiple moves that make a straight vertical route interesting. Foot and hand matches come in handy and can vary in difficulty. Tip submitted by Robert Clarke

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