What makes a great climbing hold?

Well, the shape to start.  We have over 1,000 fantastic shapes in production currently, with new, tasty shapes being added to the line up all the time.  Beyond shape, the handhold must be friendly on the skin, aesthetic, and most importantly – strong. With this in mind, we set out to develop the ultimate hold mix.  With an R&D effort that was reminiscent of the Manhattan Project, we came out with a urethane mix that embodied everything that we hoped for: great aesthetics, excellent friction, vibrant color and incredible strength.  To top it off, Franklin holds are environmentally friendly. We bring you the best climbing holds on the market.  Take a look:

  • Superior Mix: Our proprietary polyurethane mix allows for the best of both worlds – amazing strength and light weight with the friction and texture of polyester resin.  Result?  Less breakage, more vibrant color, longer life, and better climbing.
  • State-of-the-Art Production Facility: High-grade urethane and finishing manufacturing components means we can meet your order and delivery schedule while maintaining quality control and consistency.
  • Line Variety: With 1,040 shapes, including our Eldo Wall shapes, we have the shape, size, and style hold to fit your wall and budget.

So put Franklin Handholds to the test.  We will keep shaping, improving, and pouring to give you the best line of grips anywhere.  So reach up, grab a Franklin grip, and start tuggin’.   F-yeah!

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