Franklin Supports The Recreation Project

Franklin Handholds recently donated our climbing holds to The Recreation Project, a non-profit whose mission is to inspire Ugandan youth to overcome fear and patterns of war.

The experiential learning model of The Recreation Project is one the most powerful and effective methods for teaching trust, self-belief, and hope. TRP uses a guided ropes course and outdoor adventure excursions as tools for learning.

Young people in northern Uganda were born into a conflict zone. Since 1986, the Lord’s Resistance Army has abducted and killed tens of thousands of young people and displaced nearly 90% of the population in northern Uganda. Relative peace has finally come to the region and the youth who have endured this conflict are now in charge of rebuilding a hopeful future.

While young people in northern Uganda remain extremely resilient in overcoming adversity, the conflict has caused significant psychosocial and economic hardship. Lack of opportunity for education and employment are widespread, yet the youth are working tirelessly to consolidate energy and resources to press forward. This is rare opportunity to motivate youth to build a society of peace and stability.

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